Why You Should Choose Us Among Painting Contractors

When it comes to painting the home exteriors, cleaning the wall ahead of time is important. The old paint has to be removed and anything that got stuck on the wall has to be removed as well. Since the exterior wall is exposed to different elements, you can expect different things that will be stuck on it. Since they are stuck there for a long time, removing them will not be easy. You have two options, you could either do it the hard way or do it the right way. Doing it the right way means hiring painting contractors to do the job for you.

(J. S. Fix Custom Painting) is a painting contractor and we have made a good name with the locals in Waterford, MI and the neighboring cities. As a painting contractor, we know that the preparation part of every painting project is as important as the painting part itself. The most efficient way to handle the cleaning of the wall is through power washing it. If you hire us, we can guarantee that the exterior wall is well-prepared for its new paint.

Our Experience

For the past 39 years, we have been painting exterior walls and we always made sure they are properly prepared. We have developed our own preparation techniques for us to give reliable service all the time. Since we do not want to give an excellent service only, we did not rely on our past training and experiences only. We continually exposed ourselves to new trends when it comes to power washing.

Our Commitment

We commit to every painting service we provide. We already show our commitment even at the preparation stage. By power washing the exterior walls properly, we know that we will be able to paint the walls properly and the paint will last for a long time. Since we invested in our power washing tools and equipment, we can assure you that the process is done efficiently. You might find many painting contractors in the locality, but when you ask about us, we are confident that our previous clients will always give us good words.

When it comes to painting, we are one of the go-to painting contractors in Waterford, MI. Call (J. S. Fix Custom Painting) at (248) 830-4715 today.